At Swell Studios we offer management for all 6 social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, Linkedin, and Pinterest. We also management for Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories.

Social Media is a fantastic forum for businesses to gain an engaged audience of loyal followers.  The problem is, most businesses don’t understand how to do this effectively. Nor do many have the time or resources to manage this massive channel internally. That’s where we comes in.

Social media isn’t going anywhere (even if you wish it away…its not leaving). Use social media as an asset for your company. Tap into the endless resources & exposure you could be missing.


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We learn about you and your business.

The most important part of building your social media strategy is getting to know you and your business. This may be the only time you need (or want) to get involved; but it's incredibly important for our management process.  We have a easy, streamlined process for you to get us up to speed on all kinds of business information.  It's a quick survey that can be done online, entirely on your own time table.

Create a Social Strategy and Calendar.

Once we understand your business, we will formulate a game plan on how to approach your audience and increase your companies reach and engagement. When all that is in place, it’s time to finalize our strategies and get posts scheduled to go live.

We use Later for all posting and a login can be given to you if you'd like to approve posts. Or you can sit back, and watch your followers and engagements increase!
Let The Posting Begin

We manage your social media activities on a daily basis. We continually create new posts and monitor activities on each platform, engaging with people by commenting and liking relevant posts.  You have 24/7 access to Later (our scheduling program) and will always have the right to change any posts or content.  Your input is always appreciated as we post and engage on your social accounts. 

Data is powerful and we give you a snapshot of your analytics weekly. You will see the hard facts on how your business is growing, followers increasing, and reach sky rocketing! We analyze what is working and we re-strategize on what isn't working and improve that content.


The first thing we do is to work with you on a questionnaire.  As we meet and you fill out our survey, we also gather information about you, your business, your brand, audience, and competitors.  We’ll then run several posts by you to start to get a feel for how you like them. The more we understand your business, the more freedom we will take in content creation. Of course, you can change the content at any time.  Our goal is that we take social media off your plate so you can do more things for your business. 

We post daily. Constancy is king and you will see the highest results by daily posting. We analyze when your followers are online the most, and we make sure we post during those high times to maximize the impact. 

YES! We do not use bots of any programs that support that. All followers and engagements are real and have an impact for you and your business. 

You will see results but there are some factors. If your brand is new to social media, it could take a couple months to really start seeing growth and engagement. If you’re already on social media and active, you will see results from our work in the first week.
We ask that you use Swell Studios for a minimum of 4 months. After 4 months, you can pay month to month but we ask for a 30-day cancelation notice. 
Absolutely! Our goal of our social media management is to take it off your plate so you can focus on other things. But we also give you total control of your social accounts and our scheduling software. So if at anytime you feel like you want to be involved, you’re more than welcome to be.
Our goal behind photography is to capture amazing moments you can relive forever. Your engagement, wedding, family photos, the birth of your child, parties, etc and some of the most important days of your life. We take beautiful photos that last forever. Our top-notch team of photographers use top-quality equipment, have an eye for creativity, and capture beautiful moments of your event. These photos will last a lifetime and it’s our honor to be apart of these moments.

We offer our photography services for all types of events, here are a few:
– Proposals
– Engagements
– Weddings
– Newborns
– Families
– Parties
– Conferences
– Real Estate

We also offer Drone Photography. Capture the most unique views with a drone!
Your company’s identity is everything! It’s the first perspective they have about your business, even before talking to you. Let us create a strong logo that will define your business. Pair that up with some professional business cards, flyers, or a brochure & you’ll be good to go!

Branding and Graphic Design we specialize in:
– Flyer
– Brochures
– Signage
– Business cards
– Logos
– Website design
– T-shirts and apparel
– Magazines
– and so much more!
Your website is a critical component of your business. Be proud of your professionally built website that is user friendly and with your company in mind. We ensure you that you’ll start off with clarity and peace of mind, knowing exactly what to expect during each phase of the project cycle. While we certainly do most of the work, every project requires time and energy from you, as well. We provide a roadmap for you to have a clear picture of your roles and responsibilities throughout the project.

All websites are:
– Created on the WordPress platform.
– Built for fast load times
– Functional on all devices
– Easy to add and edit pages

Website hosting is availavle as well.
Capture things that most people can’t see. Drones do just that. We can get unique photos and videos from our drone. If your event or real estate is a drone friendly area, we can get pictures and videos that are out of this world!
Drone photos

Like what you see? Let's work together!

We'd love to partner up with you and work together on your upcoming project. Contact us to get started!

Creative Agency located in Jacksonville, FL. We specialize in photography, social media management, branding, and website development. 

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