Savannah, Georgia


I really have been slacking. I haven’t blogged for almost a month! Where has the time gone? Is it just me or does it feel like just yesterday it was summer?! Now here we are closing out the year and already dreaming and scheming for 2014. But to play a little catch up so you don’t think I went total MIA…a few weeks ago I went to Savannah for my first time! It’s gorgeous. Absolutely stunning!  My mom and I ran in a half marathon while there (don’t judge how tired I am in the picture below!!) and even though I couldn’t walk after the race was over, we were still able to see some great spots of the city.  Every corner there is beautiful architecture, cute parks, and historical monuments. I was so impressed with this city and shocked that I’ve never been before! It was a great weekend with my family. Its hard not living in the same state but I love little weekend getaways with them…we make lots of memories & eat lots of food! #doubleblessing

Hope everyone is having a great and relaxing Saturday!! You’ll see more blogs this week!







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