My Way of Camping


All over Pinterest I’ve been seeing pins of these cute little campers. After some research, they are all the rage on the west coast (actually for some time now) BUT now you can get it on the east coast too! A cute little company, Goodness Travels, is now renting these precious trailers! I’ve spent many of summers camping with my friends and family but these take camping to a new level! The company will let you rent this camper out by the night & is fitted out just right now a nice getaway. It has a working kitchen, an electrical hookup, retro look, and can sleep two adults or four very close friends. I know what I’m going to be doing – convincing my friends on a weekend getaway in this cutie! Head over to Goodness Travels to see their blog, view more pictures, and get rates.






pictures from Goodness Travels

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