Today’s restaurant highlights a great spot in Buckhead called Lusca. This was our first time at Lusca and we were impressed! First of all, they have a happy hour from 5-7 Monday through Friday with half-priced oysters! We arrived around 5:30 and had dinner reservations at 7 but we had to take advantage of the happy hour! We were able to sit with some friends at the bar with no problem or wait which was nice. We ended up sampling the majority of the oysters (we couldn’t pronounce or remember the names of over half of them) but we can tell you they were all delicious! The presentation was top-notch, they were served in a tin pan over a bed of ice with lemon, and plenty of things to add onto the oysters. The bartender recommended a refreshing cocktail to pair with it and we ordered the LA RAMBLA which included gin, tonic, Campari, elderflower, rosemary. We closed our tab and then went to our table. It seemed pretty empty up until around the time of our reservation at 7 and then it suddenly was packed out. The cool thing about Lusca is they have a rotating dinner and beer menu. Of course, you have some dishes and beers that are always available but there are a few you can only get on certain days. After eating all those oysters, we weren’t starving but of course, had to try some things on their regular menu. For an appetizer, the table ordered the Rock Crab which was basically this amazing avocado toast, with bedding of delicious crab meat. Another person at our table ordered the Uni which was a pasta with sea urchin. It sounds strange but I promise it was so good! It is always good to be open-minded when going to restaurants you will be surprised by what you like! For entrees, we ordered the burger (which I believe is one of their rotating entrees). It was recently voted in the top 8 burgers in Atlanta, and after eating it we surely know why. We also split the hanger steak which was cooked to perfection just as we ordered it. Although we could’ve stopped eating after that, but we wanted to make a run at their dessert menu. This is also rotating and this particular night we had their fruit tart dish which was served with a scoop of ice cream. Overall, Lusca gets 10 out of 10 stars from the vibe of the restaurant to the service and most importantly the food and drinks. Go give it a try and tell them EatYourHeartOutATL sent you!

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