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Now that our wedding has come & gone, I’m going to share things with you I learned. But before I do this, let me say this…”How has our wedding already come & gone?!?! :((((” Okay, thats it, lets move forward. I have the pictures and video to keep me going.

Picking out your flowers can be difficult. Unless you have large amounts of knowledge on flowers, you aren’t going to know whats in season on your day. Here’s some tips I learned:

1. Don’t do it yourself. Ask a florist. Most florist have free or very reasonable consultation fees & they can let you know what flowers would be best and if they are in season.

2. Pinterest is your best friend. Make a board and pin the look you like. Don’t leave it solely up to the florist if you decide to have one. We hired one and they did an EXCEPTIONAL job but they knew my style and exactly what I wanted.


3. Don’t settle. Flowers aren’t cheap (they can be but are generally more than you expect), but its your day, make it your dream day.

4. Get samples. Ask your florist to show you samples of flowers, perhaps your actual bouquet. That gives you peace of mind.


5. Get their help. Having my florist come in the day of my wedding and set up ceremony flowers, center pieces, drop off boutonnieres and bouquets was money well spent. As the bride, I didn’t have to worry about anything. That was the BEST!!!

6. Enjoy your day. I can truly say I enjoyed by day…after all its the best day of your life, so enjoy yours, too!



Flowers by Floristique
Photos from my actual wedding by Aaron Coury

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