Design Process // EW Conference

Let me tell you, I’ve been busy lately! I am not complaining I just have been making dreams come true these past few weeks!

One my most recent project has been the branding and marketing rollout for a Women’s conference happening in Atlanta in a few months.

The biggest marketing push was the promo video that launched last week.  I was fortunate to team up with some AMAZING creatives and film a fun promo video for conference.  There was about 7 different videographers all capturing movie making magic.  We had over 6 hours of footage and then it had to be edited for a .78 sec video.  I love when people say, “Oh, a minute and half video won’t take that long, right.”

I was extremely pleased with how the video turned out.  Its fun, high energy, and cute! It cheered you up a bit didn’t you!?! 😉

The main message behind the video was to go out and invite your friends to the conference.  In the video, the girls are putting together the conference brochure (which I designed!). The whole thing was just lovely – the decor, outfits, production, brochures, and music!

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