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As an artist it’s easy to start comparing yourself to others. It’s good to have people you look up to and strive to become, but if you start comparing yourself to them, you will never be satisfied. The truth is, you aren’t them (profound huh?!). When you were created, you were the only YOU created. Easier said than done (I’m talking to myself here), but when you can grasp that you are you and your style is you, it takes off a lot of pressure. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and if you are someone who struggles with comparing yourself to other in business (really in any areas) then I hope these things help. They have helped for me.

Ok, this is hard for me. I am a bit uptight. I like to do things perfectly, but I’ve learned that things usually aren’t what they seem. You may get so stressed in thinking you need to do things a certain way or like another artist that you lose yourself in the midst of it all. Most of the time, the business or artist you are comparing yourself to do not have it all together like you think – they may look good on the outside but are actually crazy in the inside.

You may not even realize it but when you compare and focus so much on others, you lose your company’s identity. You’ll start to feel intimidated, competitive, jealous, uncertain, worthless, and fearful. Tim Sanders Says: “Uncertainty is a spiritual enemy that will siphon your rocket fuel … It turns go-getters into giver-uppers.” Let go and refocus! Go on a vacation. That’s the best way to get refocused.

If someone around you is getting the promotion they’ve worked for or the client they’ve always wanted to work with then be their biggest cheerleader! This is massive and is hard to do, especially if you were going after that same promotion or client. Put others before yourself because I guarantee your big break is around the corner.

There have been a lot of things that I’ve been going for lately that haven’t happened, but I’ve decided to celebrate the others and smile at the situation. Smile on the circumstance and, eventually, the joy for others will start to heal your heart, soul, and mind.

Celebrate who you are! God created you…just a you [insert your name here]. We all have our own gifting, personalities, talents, skills, and passions. Be the absolutely BEST you there is and be thankful for who you are. When you can look at any situation and still remain thankful, people will start wanting to be like you.

Have you ever heard the statement, “You get what you focus on?” Determine what you want and strive to get it. If you want to get 3 new clients a month, get on the phone and start calling. If you want to get 1,000 twitter followers, start tweeting and interacting with others. Stop comparing yourself to others and put your time into places that are your focus.

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