Close the Gap was C3 Church Atlanta’s youth conference theme for this summer. The conference took place at Shocco Springs in Alabama.

The revelation behind Close the Gap is that whenever life comes at us in ways we don’t expect we tend to isolate ourselves from God and begin to feel hopeless; when we are young believers, we can begin to lose perspective. In order to remove that feeling, we need to Close the Gap! This means limiting that time it takes for us to go to the faith zone. We need to Close the Gap between our relationship with God and get plugged into Him.

This conference students closed the gap on fear, depression, addiction, lack of self-esteem, bad relationships, and doubt and filled that gap with God and faith.

It was an amazing conference to be a part of and see what is happening in the next generation.

Swell Studios was responsible for all branding of the conference, merchandise, social media posts, and imagery. We contracted Ben Johnson of Ben Johnson Creative to document the week through pictures and videos. He created pure magic in the recap video and captured some beautiful imagery.

Take a look and enjoy!

Design and branding by Swell Studios / Photos and Video by Ben Johnson Creative

Creative Agency located in Jacksonville, FL. We specialize in photography, social media management, branding, and website development. 

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