Month: February 2013

San Fran

I really want this to be the year where I do a lot of traveling! We live in a beautiful country and as much as I want to go to Europe, I really want to explore America (and it’s a bit cheaper :)).  One of the goals I have on my list is to travel …

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Be in Love

I know this is sometimes easier said than done, but love your life! Be that person who glows when they walk into a room. And at any circumstance or obstacle that comes along, you still enjoy your life. People like that are attractive and people love being around them.  I want to be that person…but …

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Snapshots: New York

It’s been raining in Atlanta like crazy lately and it’s making me all nostalgia about my trip to NYC. So I thought I would share some of my Instagram pictures with you. The good news is I am going back in June (maybe April if I am lucky)!  

Office Space

I love organization! I love all office supplies & could spend hours in Target’s office section! Yes, I’m one of those creatives who loves organized chaos.  You kinda have to be when you are running a business; you weave in and out of being organized and creative all day long. If my work area isn’t …

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New York

I just got back from NYC with 3 of my greatest friends. I had the best time ever; we seriously ate and drank (coffee) our way through the city.  The weekend went by way too fast (isn’t that true for every trip?!) though.  We hit all the main stops we wanted to go to mentioned in …

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NYC on my Mind

Tomorrow night I am heading to NYC for a fun weekend with some of my closest friends.  I am pretty excited to say the least.  The city has to be one of my favorite places, and I haven’t been there in 4 years; so we are about to paint the town red! Few things we …

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Yeah! Burger

If you are in the Atlanta area, you gotta check out Yeah! Burger.  Not only are all the designs fun and original (designed by Tad Carpenter) the food is legit.  My personal fav is the turkey burger with a side of brussels sprouts – seriously the brussels sprouts are the best in town!! 

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