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1) Brief description about yourself.
Hello! I’m Holly, and I am the fashion and lifestyle blogger for Scuttle – my home away from home on the web. The question I get asked the most is, “Why ‘Scuttle’?” Well, when I was 8 years old, my aunt called me Scuttle one day and it just stuck; so now, it is a family nickname whether I like it or not.

A little bit about me is that I am 24 years old and have been happily married for 5 years to my best friend. I have two fluffy and yappy babies: Ms. Tumness and Ducky, my Chihuahua-mixed pups. I was born and raised in Atlanta but just moved to Nashville two months ago! In my spare time, I like exploring my new city and reading any fashion magazine I can get my hands on (I am a magazine hoarder!).


2) What inspired you to get into fashion?
I have always loved fashion; it is my art form. Some people can paint, dance, or sing as their art; I can dress and that is how I express myself. I have always loved putting together colors, patters, and shapes to convey a message, just like graphic designers do; I just help create it to be the art we move and live in every day. Ever since I was in elementary school and had to wear a uniform, I have been making ways to stand out and make the outfit my own. Now I get to share that on my blog with those who are either fashion fanatics like myself or who need some help and are looking for a fashion Yoda to help them in the fashion department.


3) What advice do you have for any fashionistas who want to be in the fashion world or who may want to start their own blog?
Know what suits your body type and don’t stray from it. It is so easy to see celebrities or bloggers who are rocking amazing ensembles, but just because they are doesn’t mean you should. Just because it is a current trend doesn’t mean it works for you and that you should wear it. Know your personal style and what suits your body type. If you stray too far from those things, you won’t produce your best work. Knowing your product is the number one key to success, and, in fashion blogging, the product is your body. So create whatever looks best on your body even if that means sometimes staying more classic. People will be more inclined to follow you and have respect for your work because you always look great and show that you understand what works and what doesn’t.


4) What have you found to be helpful & impacting ways to market yourself?
Just ask. I know that sounds simple but it’s true. I have had so many doors open up for me lately simply because I sent a few e-mails and asked. Email some fellow bloggers and see if they want to do a swap with you so you can help promote each other or ask a company if they want to collaborate with you. Worst case scenario they say no; but at least that is another person who has looked at your work and you never know now if something may come from it in the future. Best case scenario they say yes and that is another person or company who is going to help drive traffic to your site. It’s a win either way.

5) How do you want to continue to challenge yourself as a creative person?
Oh wow; hard question because I feel like this whole blogging journey has been a huge challenge in itself. I would have to say that one definite way that I challenge myself and will continue to is having an editorial calendar and sticking to it. Readers don’t want to follow and sponsors don’t want to work with bloggers who are sporadic, last minute, or who seem to have no clear vision. So sticking with my editorial calendar regardless of how tired or busy I am has been my recent challenge to myself.


6) What are you inspired by on a daily basis?
I wish I was one of those people who said, “I am just inspired by everything around me all the time;” but that would be a lie. I am, unfortunately, not that deep. I am very much inspired by the European lifestyle, though. I follow so many architecture and fashion sites that are always keeping me updated with photos of the most recent building renovation in Italy or the street style in Paris that day. That is what inspires me because I feel like Europe is always two steps ahead of the States; so it’s like looking into the future when I see what they’re doing and I love that! It forces me to think ahead and think bigger and bolder.

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